Broader Impacts Mission Statement

Dr. Sharma's educational and cultural competency is built on a lifetime of international experiences that has shaped him into the educator and STEM influencer that he is today. Exposure to diversity was instrumental in shaping Dr. Sharma's dedication to education with inclusiveness. Therefore, the Sharma Laboratory has high interest in practicing and promoting diversity throughout a variety of STEM focused outreach activities. The Sharma Laboratory has established a program to benefit society at the university, local, and state level by integrating inclusive educational practices with research. Dr. Sharma call this integrated research and inclusive educational community program the “Synergistic Catalytic Cycle for Educational Excellence”


OU Chemistry Summer Academy (C.L.I.M.B): June 2018

The C.L.I.M.B. Summer Academy brings rising 11th and 12th graders to OU's campus for a 5 day camp that is focused on chemistry.  Members of the Sharma Laboratory participated at Teaching Assistants and Dr. Sharma gave a lecture focused on Natural Products to the high school students.


Girl-Tech of Oklahoma City: Aug. 2016-Present

Girl-Tech, a program organized by Metro-Technology Center in Oklahoma City aims to increase STEM participation amongst girls in inner Oklahoma City.  The Sharma Lab is a proud participant in this program and has hosted the girls at OU and also gives insight lectures at partnering high schools that house Girl-Tech participants.


Osher Life Learning Institute: Feb. 2016 – Aug. 2017

The Osher Life Learning Institute is dedicated to promoting lifelong learning and personal growth for 50+ age adults.  Members of the Sharma Laboratory have given multiple lectures to these inspired learners that have been focused on Natural Products and Drug Discovery.  Participants gave glowing reviews after attending these lectures and the Sharma Laboratory is excited to return. 


Chemistry in Everyday Life: July 2016

In partnership with OU Precollegiate Programs, the Sharma Laboratory hosted a 5 day chemistry camp for middle school students from inner Oklahoma City.  The students participated in learning activities and hands on experiments organized by Sharma Laboratory graduate students.


GET-FIT (Norman, OK Public Schools): Oct. 2015

Norman Public Schools hosts a conference during Fall Break for teachers in hopes of gearing them with different tools that they can apply in the classroom for the rest of the school year. The Sharma Laboratory gave a lecture to these teachers focusing on the importance of Natural Products an STEM outreach in underrepresented communities in Oklahoma.