Natural Products Inspired Drug Discovery

As a part of the Institute for Natural Products Applications and Research Technologies (INPART) at the University of Oklahoma (OU), the Sharma laboratory engages in the synthesis, assessment, and modification of potential therapeutic leads derived from natural products for the treatment of cancer, bacterial infections, and neurological disorders.  We use two complementary approaches isolation/semi-synthesis and method development/total-synthesis to access a library of diverse analogues to study structure-activity relationships (SAR). To advance our synthetic compounds, we are having a multidisciplinary collaboration with leading laboratories at the Vanderbilt University, Bridge Institute (University of Southern California), and Mount Sinai, New York with combined expertise in natural product isolation, organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, computational chemistry and molecular pharmacology. Our current research includes novel bond forming reactions utilizing diazo synthons, biomimetic approaches, asymmetric catalysis and complex natural product total synthesis along with structural diversification to establish the SAR.